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Maintenance Guide

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1. Maintenance of China National Heavy Duty Truck Group's wheel bearings

Before disassembling the hub, we should prepare for the maintenance of the wheel of China National Heavy Duty Truck Group, stop the car and set up the axle to ensure the safety of maintenance operations.

1 Remove the decorative cover and dust cover of the hub axle head.

2 Remove the tire nut and tire, taking care not to hurt the thread of the tire bolt. If it is a disc brake of China National Heavy Duty Truck Group, the brake should be removed and the lock ring or lock pin should be removed with a pair of pliers.

3 Remove the hub with a special tool.

4 Scrape the old grease in the bearing, journal and hub cavity, clean the hub bearing and journal with a cleaning agent and wipe dry with a cloth. Finally, wipe the inner cavity of the hub with a cloth.

5 Check the hub bearing and the bearing race, and find that there are cracks, fatigue peeling and loose bearing rollers. The bearings should be replaced. If there is a pitting on the bearing race, the bearing should also be replaced.

6 Check the matching of the inner diameter of the bearing of China National Heavy Duty Truck Group and the journal, and the matching clearance should be no more than 0.10 mm. When measuring the journal, it should be measured at the upper and lower parts of the vertical ground, where it is the largest wear point. If the fit clearance exceeds the specified limit of use, the bearing should be replaced to return it to the normal fit clearance. Do not allow burrs and pitting on the journal to narrow the gap.

7 After all the parts meet the requirements, apply the grease to the inner bearing and put it into the hub.

8 When applying grease to the bearing inner cavity, be careful to squeeze the grease into the bearing until the grease emerges from the other side of the bearing. Apply a thin layer of grease to the hub cavity and the shaft cap to prevent rust. Be careful not to apply too much grease in the hub cavity, otherwise it will affect heat dissipation and braking.

9 Put the hub and outer bearing back on the journal, screw the shaft adjusting nut by hand, and then tighten the adjusting nut with the shaft wrench according to the specified torque. After tightening the nut, turn the hub a few turns to see if the bearing is installed. On the other hand, the bearing and the race are properly matched by rotation. At this time, China National Heavy Duty Truck Group has a proper bearing tightness, and the wheels are free to rotate and no axial clearance is felt.

10 Finally, install the lock piece, fixing nut, tire, dust cover and decorative cover.


2, the correct replacement of Haworth dump truck parts

1 Haowo dump truck tire selection. In order not to affect the control effect of the ABS system, the original model tire or the tire recommended by the manufacturer of the model should be used to ensure that the outer diameter, adhesion performance and moment of inertia of the tire are the same as the original tire.

2 Haowo dump truck brake pipe fittings and rubber parts. Since the brake pipe of the ABS system is subjected to a large brake pressure, when the brake pipe is sunken, twisted, broken or damaged, it is necessary to replace the ordinary brake pipe. The replacement of rubber parts should also use the standard high-pressure and corrosion-resistant parts according to the regulations, so as to avoid the tube from being damaged and causing sudden failure of the brake, resulting in an accident.


3, the correct use of the seal of the HOWO dump truck engine

a. All the oil plug screw oil pressure sensor and oil alarm sensor thread connector of HOWO dump truck should be coated with sealant during installation.

b. Cork board liners should not be coated with sealant, otherwise the cork board mats are easily damaged; the cylinder head gasket, intake and exhaust manifold gasket, spark plug gasket, carburetor gasket, etc. of Howe dump truck should not be coated with sealant.

c. When applying the sealant, it should be evenly coated in a certain direction. There should be no breakage in the middle, otherwise there will be leakage at the broken joint.

d. When the HOWO dump truck seals the surface of the two parts separately with a sealant, the maximum gap between the two surfaces should be ≤ 0.1 mm. Otherwise, gaskets should be added.


4. Maintenance of the hydraulic power steering device of the Golden Prince dump truck

The hydraulic power steering device of the Golden Prince dump truck is mainly composed of a hydraulic oil pump, a steering gear assembly, a storage tank and a fuel pipe. In the maintenance of the above assembly, the addition and inspection of the hydraulic oil is a common maintenance work for the driver. First, the correct inspection and reasonable addition of hydraulic oil in the hydraulic power steering device is the basic premise for ensuring the power steering function of the Golden Prince dump truck. (1) Inspection of oil level
In the inspection of the hydraulic power steering device oil, in addition to observing the oil level marking line of the fuel tank, the entire system should be inspected. When inspecting, the car should first be parked on a flat hard surface and the engine should be started at no more than 1 000 r/ Idle in the min state. Then turn the steering wheel left and right several times to raise the hydraulic pressure to about 80 °C. At this time, touch the hydraulic line with your hand should have a hot feeling. Finally, the steering wheel of the Golden Prince dump truck is returned to the middle of the steering position, and the oil pressure in the oil storage tank is observed to see if there is bubble emulsification. Once there is foam emulsification, it may indicate that there may be air in the hydraulic power steering system or the oil level is too low. In this case, the pipeline air or hydraulic oil should be excluded. When adding hydraulic oil, the brand of new and old oil should be consistent. . (2) Check the oil level rise of the oil storage tank and write down the oil level of the oil storage tank at the "oil level height test", then close the engine of the Golden Prince dump truck and stop it for a few minutes, then check the oil in the oil storage tank. The height of the surface is generally about 5 rTinl. If the difference is too large, it means that there is indeed gas in the hydraulic steering system, and the system should be deflated.


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