China National Heavy Duty Truck and Zoomlion held an after-sales docking ceremony (Photos)
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China National Heavy Duty Truck and Zoomlion held an after-sales docking ceremony (Photos)

2019/05/23 16:09
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Join forces to create a new benchmark for heavy truck industry service

强强联手 打造重卡行业服务新标杆

China National Heavy Duty Truck and Zoomlion held an after-sales docking ceremony

Recently, China National Heavy Duty Truck Sales Department and Zoomlion Concrete Machinery Branch Marketing Company held an after-sales service docking conference in Jinan. The two sides respect each other as long-term important partners to support their own development. Based on the principle of “complementary advantages, cooperation and win-win”, they will join forces to give full play to their respective advantages and create a new benchmark for heavy truck industry services.


The theme of this after-sales service docking conference is to strengthen strategic partnerships, enhance Zoomlion and China National Heavy Duty Truck service brands, and achieve the goal of service first in the industry. A total of more than 80 people from 36 branches of China National Heavy Duty Truck Sales and 25 branches of Zoomlion and related departments attended the meeting.


Zoomlion is a continuously innovating global enterprise, mainly engaged in the R&D and manufacturing of major high-tech equipment required for infrastructure construction such as construction, energy engineering, environmental engineering and transportation engineering. Since its establishment 20 years ago, its compound annual growth rate has exceeded 65%. It is one of the fastest growing engineering machinery companies in the world with the most complete product chain. As a well-known chassis and top-loading manufacturer in the industry, China National Heavy Duty Truck and Zoomlion have had a stable cooperative relationship for more than ten years. The docking aims to strengthen cooperation and improve the after-sales service level of cement mixers, thereby enhancing heavy trucks. The sales and market share of cement mixing chassis in the country.


Fan Jianming, manager of China National Heavy Duty Truck Quality Department, analyzed the current status of heavy trucks in terms of service, product quality and information. He stressed that at present, China National Heavy Duty Truck has carried out comprehensive improvement of the quality of thread fasteners, electrical appliances and plug-ins, water leakage, and pipeline bundles. The scope of improvement covers 80% of early failures, and the product quality level is greatly improved. improve. With the strategic cooperation partners and shareholders of Germany Mann's advanced technology and quality management system, China National Heavy Duty Truck promoted Man Technology to HOWO products, making HOWO heavy trucks the world's most advanced in terms of reliability, economy and various technical indicators. Level. He hopes that the service matchmaking and field visits will enable Zoomlion's friends to have a new understanding of heavy trucks, enhance cooperation and achieve a new level of service upgrade.


Wei Fuping, deputy general manager of China National Heavy Duty Truck Sales Department, introduced to the participants that it is a responsibility and obligation for China National Heavy Duty Truck to provide quality and products and good service to the conversion unit as a chassis supplier. The managers of each branch should attach great importance to the close cooperation with Zoomlion, fulfill their commitments and implement them in place; conduct statistical analysis on maintenance projects, find out the average level of the industry, and strive to surpass them; through pre-projection of spare parts, through training, through service The optimization of the station ensures the realization of the promise and ensures that the most professional and professional service is provided to the user in the shortest time. In the future, the docking of the service systems of both parties will be normalized and a docking mechanism will be formed to better meet the needs of users and improve user satisfaction.


Sun Zaiqing, deputy general manager of Zoomlion Marketing Company, introduced the service strategy and positioning of Zoomlion, service operation mechanism, service process monitoring, service organization structure and service resources, and interpreted the “Five Fast” of Zoomlion. "Ten Free." He said that service is the last line of defense. To maintain the last line of defense, it is necessary to improve service quality and service level. It is hoped that both sides will jointly promote strategic cooperation and achieve a win-win situation.


Xu Risheng, Manager of China National Heavy Duty Truck Sales Department, gave a detailed explanation of the heavy truck service system and service guarantee measures.


The meeting arranged for the service manager of Zoomlion and the service manager of the division of China National Heavy Duty Truck to sit in pairs according to the geographical characteristics, and conducted open exchanges at the conference site, talked about experiences and lessons, shared service cases, and looked forward to the prospect of cooperation.


After the meeting, Zoomlion's service representatives visited China's heavy truck power company Man engine production line and bridge box company to gain an in-depth understanding of the design principles and working principles of MAN products' fuel economy, environmental protection and quality reliability.


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