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HOWO's new urban smart muck adds a clean energy LNG model

2019/02/01 16:56
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In early 2015, China National Heavy Duty Truck Technology Center and Jinan Fuqiang Power and Beijing Branch jointly developed HOWO new urban intelligent muck truck based on clean energy LNG. Test results show that the car fully meets municipal regulatory requirements.


On the eve of the Spring Festival, technicians of China National Heavy Duty Truck Technology Center went to a loading station in Hebei to carry out vehicle commissioning, focusing on the mandatory provisions of the “Code for the Identification, Monitoring and Containment of Construction Waste Transportation Vehicles” issued by the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision. The electrical system, the Beidou monitoring terminal and the engine electronic control system are equipped with software and hardware to meet the requirements of the standard, and the vehicle is subjected to simulation test of various controlled working conditions of load limiting, regional ban, and sensor failure.


In 2014, HOWO's new urban intelligent muck was successfully launched in the Beijing market for the first time, and successfully led the municipal engineering vehicles in North China such as Beijing, Shijiazhuang and Taiyuan. It is the urban traffic safety management and haze weather in North China. Governance has brought good results. It is reported that the newly developed HOWO clean energy LNG new urban smart muck will be fully promoted in the traditional North China region.