HOWO bus barcode application platform officially put into use
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HOWO bus barcode application platform officially put into use

2019/05/23 15:54
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The HOW Bus Material Barcode Application Platform was officially put into use on April 1. The system has been put into use, which has played a positive role in realizing accurate warehouse management, improving work efficiency, reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

First, the material bar code application platform uses bar code and identification equipment as the medium to realize automatic data collection of various operations such as material storage, delivery, shifting, and inventory counting. Real-time understanding of the specific situation of the inventory, to ensure timely and accurate grasp of the real data of the inventory, reasonable storage of material resources and control of inventory.

The second is to solve the problem that the system can not sign the contract due to many new products and complicated business processes, and it is impossible to realize the problem of planning the goods and warehousing work, and realize the control of the materials and the goods entering the warehouse.

The third is to initially realize the management of material location. Clear product material code, material name, warehouse code, warehouse name, cargo number, etc., to facilitate real-time tracking of goods, to prevent the disorderly management of warehouse management caused by disordered goods, and fundamentally improve the warehouse management level.

Fourth, through bar code scanning, the uniqueness and consistency of products and suppliers are realized in the quality of loading products, which facilitates the tracking of after-sales service, reduces the claim rate, greatly simplifies the process of identifying claims for after-sales claims, and improves quality supervision. Level and efficiency.

The fifth is to facilitate procurement management. The warehouse custody can directly query the procurement plan, and by scanning the inbound products, the bar code of the outbound products, on the one hand, automatically verify the consistency of the arrival product information and the procurement plan, on the one hand, the system automatically increases or decreases the inventory, Ensure warehouse operations efficiency and effectively utilize limited warehouse space.

The sixth is to replace the paper-based documents to record and track the incoming and outgoing goods based on the automatic data input. It has got rid of the status quo of relying on subjective memory for internal management of the warehouse, speeding up the efficiency of business processing, and reducing the incompleteness of procedures and personnel changes. The uncertainty of human factors such as non-joint work and uneven levels of custody has led to the gradual optimization of human resources.

Seventh, through the application of bar code technology to the warehouse inventory, the blind disk mode is realized, the inventory speed and quality are improved, and the actual inventory quantity can be obtained in the first time to ensure the accuracy and authenticity of the late inventory loss table.

Eighth is the use of bar code technology, the basic warehousing, outbound, and inventory management of the warehouse, on the one hand to reduce paper consumption and staff waste, on the other hand to accelerate inventory turnover, effectively reduce inventory costs, preliminary statistics, monthly savings of printing paper 500 yuan.

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