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U shape Howo dump truck on discount for export

U shape Howo dump truck on discount for export


U shape Howo dump truck on discount for export

Model ZZ5307S3847A1/E0BA

HW70 new front face cab, Mercedes white, high bumper (metal),;

WD615.47 engine;

HW19710 gearbox + HW50 flange power take-off;

HF9 drum front axle,

HC16 double rear axle, speed ratio 5.73;

Double-layer frame (8+8/300),

Wheelbase 3800+1350;

Steering machine ZF8118;

Strengthen multiple leaf springs at the front and rear of the suspension (10/15);

Standard exhaust system,

Oil bath filter 300L oil tank;

Tires 12.00-24 Triangle tires
Tops: Reform of Liuzhou Transportation Capacity Committee, YL20190417-01,

Top configuration: 5600X (2500 inner width, 2650 outer width) X1600mm, bottom 12 sides 10, Q235 board, Hyva 157, U-shaped Volvo box, rear tail is upturned, without back door, the rest are our standard equipment, reflective markings Implementation of domestic standards, English version of the front panel logo, Chinese and English warning signs

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