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T5G-Cargo Truck 6*4

T5G-Cargo Truck 6*4


[HOWO-T5G]  ZZ1257N584GD1
  It is a new generation high-end medium and heavy truck derived from the MAN assembly, featured with the excellent fuel efficiency, low dead load, high engine force and high reliability, completed with multiple customized options, with the driving cab designed to provide a safe and comfortable home on the wheels, making it available for standard highway cargo transportation at all ranges.

Technical Parameters

Mass Parameter Curb Weight(kg) 10500
Fully-Loaded Mass(kg) 25000
Towable Mass(kg) 20000,24000
Dimensions Overall Dimensions Length(mm) 10600,12000
Width(mm) 2496
Height(mm) 3105,3405
Wheel Base(mm) 5175+1400,5200+1350,5775+1400,5800+1350
Minimum Ground Clearance(mm) 260
Performance Parameters Maximum Speed(km/h) 110
Economic Speed(km/h) 60~90
Maximum Gradability(%) >35
Minimum Turning Diameter(m) 22.1,24

Vehicle Disposition

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Engine Model MC07.31-40,MC07.34-40
Net Power(kw)/Rotating Speed(r/min) 225/2300,245/2300
Maximum Torque(Nm)/Rotating Speed(r/min) 1230/1200~1800,1250/1200~1800
Gearbox HW12710C-1311(11.11/0.75)
Clutch(mm) 430
Rear Axle Type 457