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Sinotruk Shines in Ecuador Plateau Tractor Race

Writer:HOWO -KUNDANumber of visits: Date:2016.05.28



 Sinotruk’s HOWO-series tractors appeared in the Plateau Tractor Race in Ecuador. With the amazing appearance and striking performance, Sinotruk has wowed the audiences during the race.

    There were 64 tractors from Europe and America brands in the race. The sophisticated look and outstanding performance of Sinotruk tractors provided to the customers a glimpse of its world-class technology. ansmissions and gave them a detailed introduction. They also visited exhibition hall of Commercial Vehicle Company and Jinan Special-purpose Vehicle Company. These visits helped the distributor learn more about Sinotruk and promoted mutual trust and confidence of cooperation, laying a solid foundation for future in-depth cooperation.

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