Leveraging "Chuanlu Fusion" to upgrade "Heavy Truck Manufacturing"
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Leveraging "Chuanlu Fusion" to upgrade "Heavy Truck Manufacturing"

2019/05/23 15:47
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When China National Heavy Duty Truck decisively embarked on the road of transformation and upgrading, when domestic and foreign counterparts focused on her gorgeous butterfly changes, China National Heavy Duty Truck's "second venture" extraordinary three years of hard work, once again enhanced the confidence of taking a new development path .

Almost at the same time, in September 2010, Chengdu Ace Commercial Vehicle Company “hands in” China National Heavy Duty Truck Group, a private enterprise located in Chuanzhong, with three years of integration, three years of hard work, three years of reform and innovation, deep efforts, The release of potential has created another brilliant transcript of China National Heavy Duty Truck's regional development strategy.

This is a transcript of transformation and upgrading, quality improvement and efficiency. Sichuan Province's largest commercial vehicle project - China National Heavy Duty Truck Chengdu Commercial Vehicle Production Base 012 new plant completed and put into production, W5G medium and heavy trucks grand downline, matching the key assembly of China National Heavy Duty Truck Man Technology Platform, the vehicle quality reached the domestic leading level, Fully realized the heavy, medium, light, micro and special series of commercial vehicle manufacturing capabilities.

This is a transcript of economic recovery and market confidence. In 2013, this company has been building a factory for more than 50 years. It has achieved a business performance of 35,000 units of production and sales with its vitality, which is the highest in the year. In the past three years, production and sales have increased at a rate of 30% year by year, achieving a recovery from recovery to The virtuous cycle of rising momentum has completed the comprehensive transformation and upgrading of the industry.

This is a transcript that benefits people's livelihood and shares development results. With the in-depth implementation of the country's western development strategy and the promotion of key projects during the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period, the heavy truck ace will form a large-scale production capacity to meet the needs of users for various commercial vehicles, and effectively promote local economic development and enterprises. The improvement of efficiency laid the foundation for China National Heavy Duty Truck to achieve the goal of the 12th Five-Year Plan.

Driven by market opportunities

Back in history, three years ago in the early summer, two hurried figures, watching and talking along the asphalt road of the factory. In a frank conversation, Wei Zhihai, deputy secretary of the China National Heavy Duty Truck Group, and Yuan Chengjun, the general manager of the ace company, reached a tacit consensus on win-win development. The power of tea has actually made a world of romance. This is the prelude to the "100-day flash marriage" circulating in the industry.

The philosopher Bacon concluded that it is a rare wisdom to be good at identifying the beginning of doing something. When opportunities enter the field of vision with new meanings, China National Heavy Duty Trucks has a strong brand attraction, strong financial strength and a forward-looking market vision, and has wisely insighted opportunities and opened the door to opportunities with change. The national policy has made the enterprise a spring breeze, and the entrepreneurial passion has swayed the majestic "time strong voice".

The strategy of developing the western region of the country has taken the wings of the development of the western region. The new western region, as the "new fulcrum" of modernization, has attracted the attention of the whole world. The vast market capacity in the western region has released an impressive light; During the Twelfth Five-Year Plan period, the state invested nearly 700 billion yuan. Newly-built projects covering railways, highways, airports, and electric power, water conservancy, coal, oil, and natural gas projects will be implemented in the central and western regions; the national automobile industry policy The adjustment clearly stated that it is necessary to vigorously support the development of the automobile industry, increase industrial concentration, form large and medium-sized enterprise groups with internationally renowned brands and core competitiveness as soon as possible, and support the merger and reorganization of the automobile industry to optimize the industrial structure and product structure. All of this has given China National Heavy Duty Truck a rare opportunity for development.

Good warriors, seek for it, business opportunities should not be missed. At the end of the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan”, China National Heavy Duty Truck Co., Ltd. proposed to build a large-scale commercial vehicle enterprise group with heavy trucks as the leading, heavy, medium, light, passenger, special and engineering machinery. The quality of heavy trucks has reached the international advanced level. Other products have reached the domestic first-class level.

Through its capital operation mode, China National Heavy Duty Truck successfully reorganized a series of actions such as the establishment of the trump card, the establishment of Fujian Haixi, and the acquisition of Datong gear, not only to improve the nationwide industrial layout, enrich the product line, and develop towards the full range of commercial vehicle manufacturing fields. It also embodies a responsibility and responsibility of a large state-owned enterprise to the country and to the development of the national automobile industry.

Wei Zhihai, who is also the chairman and party secretary of the heavy truck ace company, said: "We closely follow the country's development strategy, closely integrate the State Council's promotion of the automobile industry restructuring and the development of China National Heavy Duty Truck, and seek market-oriented win-win cooperation. Bigger and stronger, and further play the leading role of the heavy truck industry, this is also the responsibility and obligation of state-owned enterprises."

Along the realities, we can see how this successful strategy has profoundly changed the face of the trump card. After the reorganization, the ace company always grasps the two key words of “challenge” and “opportunity”, insists on creating a new leap in the automobile industry in the western region with responsibility and innovation, and persists in eliminating backward production capacity with courage and determination. And inject a large amount of funds to achieve enterprise transformation and upgrading, adhere to the change and integration to fully respect the laws of the market, and promote the adjustment of industrial structure, so that the enterprises that are reborn in the fire, the peaks and the more distant.

Guaranteed by quality improvement

Innovation has never been a hole in the wind. Policies, industries, talents, finances, etc. are undoubtedly the sunshine and rain that nurture innovation.

For the heavy truck ace, from innovation to transformation and upgrading, each process is experiencing development with innovation. Because innovation requires ideas and paths, more ways and platforms are needed. Qi Wensheng, general manager of Heavy Duty Ace, said that only by maintaining the advantages of products in terms of technology, performance, quality and service, and actively through management innovation, product innovation and quality innovation, can we create a sustainable competitive advantage. This is our innovative philosophy.

For this enterprise that integrates different regions, cultures, systems and other factors, the leadership and decision-making layers need to study in depth and focus on solving them. Obviously, we must start from innovation management. In order to rationalize the management of the company and consolidate the management foundation, since 2011, Ace has been closely focusing on the “Second Entrepreneurship” activities of the group companies, actively promoting the integration of the two management systems, and heavily embedding the management systems and methods of China National Heavy Duty Truck. The process continues to promote the development of enterprise management in the direction of standardization and institutionalization.

Yan Wensheng's management philosophy believes that all specific work has rules to follow, and performance appraisal should be the ultimate goal. The company has perfected the assessment organization and assessment methods, and conducted assessments according to the completion of sales, efficiency, quality, management, etc., comprehensively promoted the operational indicators and management level, promoted the improvement of basic management; strengthened the refined quality management, and grasped the quality of the site. Monitoring, innovative quality management methods, giving full play to the quality management of all employees, adhering to continuous improvement, and making product quality widely recognized by users; facing the rapid growth of sales scale, maximizing the release of effective production capacity, promoting equipment star-level compliance activities, and enhancing production Balance, ease production pressure, improve production tempo and labor efficiency.

For enterprises, grasping the nose of product innovation can not only effectively solve various bottleneck problems that plague the development of enterprises, but also firmly grasp the core issues of sustainable development. At the beginning of the reorganization, with the support of China National Heavy Duty Truck, Ace First started with optimizing the product structure, adhered to the scientific development concept, implemented the technology leading strategy, accelerated the transfer mode adjustment structure, and successively invested more than 600 million yuan to complete the automation of stamping and welding. The production line, improve the process equipment and production capacity, the new plant, production line, robot equipment, will push the ace company to a new development platform. 7 series of light trucks, 717 micro-cards, successful research and development and market sales, fully complete the market switch between new and old products, injecting endless hope for the ace company. The application of new technologies, new processes and new materials has upgraded the products to the medium and high level. In 2013 alone, it obtained 1 national authorized invention patent, 76 utility model patent, 26 design patent, and 105 patent authorization, and was awarded the title of Sichuan Intellectual Property Advantage Cultivation Enterprise. On December 22nd, with the completion of the 012 new factory and the mass production of the W5G medium and heavy trucks, it was a magnificent picture for the ace company.

On the basis of implementing the “Quality and Benefit Year” of the Group Company, Ace Company has decomposed the quality improvement requirements of the headquarters in a multi-pronged manner and vigorously implemented quality innovation. The cadres and workers are required to unify their thinking and understanding, improve the quality awareness of all employees and the sense of market crisis, and create a strict quality awareness atmosphere within the enterprise. Comprehensively carry out quality special rectification, and carry out all-round rectification, improvement and improvement of process design, production organization, outsourcing procurement, product inspection and commodity vehicle start-up process, and strengthen the quality control of purchased parts to improve the quality stability of the whole vehicle. And reliability. At the same time, improve the quality assurance mechanism, establish a system of quality information early warning, feedback, etc., laying the foundation for enterprises to form core competitiveness and create a brand. In 2013, Sinosteel Ace was nominated for the highest quality award in Chengdu, the Chengdu Government Quality Award, for its excellent quality management, independent innovation capability and market competitiveness.

Taking the concept of Chuanlu

Chengdu, the central city with the best entrepreneurial environment in the west, the best living environment and the most comprehensive competitiveness, is known as the “heart of the west”. A thousand years of martyrdom, half of Chinese history, and a long history of culture are doomed to her taste and pursuit.

Jinan, a unique charm city integrating "mountain spring river city", the development advantage of the eastern coastal area, coupled with the thick accumulation of Confucian culture, dares to be first and firm and calm and kind, is doomed to her courage and sincerity.

The mountains contain jade and shine, and the water is filled with beads and Chuan Mei. The intertwining and fusion of the two cultures, the spectrum has developed a new symphony, and history has inadvertently completed an intriguing narrative.

The road to dreams has a long-standing cultural tradition and deep practical reasons. Chengdu people admire the leisure culture, which is quite different from the Shandong culture in which the wind and fire officers start their own businesses. At the beginning of the restructuring, the leadership team of Ace Company quickly rooted in the advanced corporate culture concept of China National Heavy Duty Truck Co., Ltd., with the core values ​​of “Building quality products with talents and contributing to society with quality products”, with “scientific development, rational management, careful operation, and realization of the most The management concept of “Benefits” constantly condenses upward positive energy, and employees began to build confidence in the spirit of hard work and the innovative spirit of innovation.

Culture is like water, and it is silent. In the past three years, Ace Company has laid a solid foundation for its development, quickly established the organization of party and government work groups, strengthened the ideological and political work of employees, strengthened professional quality and business skills training, actively handled relevant social insurance for employees, relieved employees' worries and promoted The stability of the workforce. Since the beginning of this year, Ace has strengthened the optimization of the talent team, improved the quality of the workforce, promoted democratic management, and strived to create a lively production and operation situation, greatly mobilizing the enthusiasm of employees. At the same time, select outstanding young employees to train and train, and many young employees with management ideas, sense of responsibility and enthusiasm for work, and hard-working, enriched the cadre team.

Gong Chong Wei Zhi, industry Guangwei Qin. After three years of restructuring, Ace Company forged a team of employees who are brave and loyal to the company. The production and sales have reached record highs, and the people's minds have been strong for a long time. The leading group is determined to forge ahead, innovation and change, good product market performance and gorgeous transformation and upgrading of the company, which is fully affirmed by the group company, the automobile industry and the local government.

Without the leader of thought, there will be no follow-up of action; whether the thought can break the ice directly determines whether the action can break through. Starting from the integration, we will better implement the breakthrough and contribute a "vigorous trump card" to the society; from the integration, we will more effectively stimulate the potential and let the world see a "trump of development"; from the integration, we will work harder to improve Core competitiveness, build a "modern ace". Undoubtedly, the ace company will be a new starting point in the process of China National Heavy Duty Truck's regional development strategy, and it is carrying forward its dreams.

Promote sales with Pei Shu brand

From trying to "cross the crisis against the trend" to "the bottom line of the people will be boiling", every step of innovation is a rigorous re-examination, in the face of transcendence and breakthrough, inheritance and development, reality and long-term A decision reflects the wisdom of the development of corporate leadership. Marketing strategy is especially critical.

To be a strong and big company, first cultivate the brand. Ma Chunji, chairman and party secretary of China National Heavy Duty Truck Group, established a major decision to adhere to the brand strategy at the just-concluded China National Heavy Duty Truck 2014 Business Conference. Brand culture is the foundation of national heritage and the essence of enterprise management. Implementing brand strategy and improving quality and efficiency are also important tasks in front of the ace company.

The new logo is fresh and elegant, and the lion is proud of the blue sky and white clouds. It is like a king who swims in the world, and is eye-catching and imaginative. The brand new brand image will surely have the wonderful performance of fighting the market.

Ace Company carefully cultivates the brand and attaches great importance to product innovation. At the same time, it is committed to the implementation of the marketing system. It is determined to establish a strong sales network, scientifically and rationally proceed from the market strategy, develop the market in a targeted manner, and transform the past adaptation market into operation. market. ABC product line regional marketing, flexible business policy, and steadily promote the annual marketing objectives, 7 series 757, 777, 737, 717 project dumping, cargo tablet, micro card series products are deeply loved by users, and become a fist product of profit growth, And has 16 patented technologies and a very high cost performance advantage.

Promote the marketing concept, change the passive marketing to active marketing, and the ace company will carry out the “820” marketing and compression training for marketing personnel and some dealers to enhance marketing power and drive sales growth. At the same time, boldly implement marketing innovation, adhere to differentiated sales, and develop different products, markets, and marketing strategies for competitors. The regional marketing strategy of “one land, one policy” and “one car and one policy” has achieved remarkable results. The regional markets such as Jiangxi, Xiangdong, Xiangxi and Yunnan have achieved sales of more than 3,000 vehicles, an increase of more than 30% compared with the previous restructuring.

23 marketing branches have been established one after another to strengthen the market's “deep cultivation”, seize market opportunities, develop advantageous markets, and develop weak markets. The market network has further expanded to reach more than 1,000 dealers and service providers. A number of product image stores such as Changsha in Hunan, Chengdu, Sichuan, Neijiang and Yibin rushed to the market, which drove the marketing volume of the overall market and cultivated a large number of fortress markets and emerging markets.

Not only that, the ace company will also extend its reach to the international market and show an upward trend year by year. By the end of November 2013, 474 sets of whole-vehicle exports were realized, a year-on-year increase of 116%, and the accumulated profit was 3.4 million yuan, an increase of 71% over the same period of 2012. As the benchmark enterprise for the export of commercial vehicles in Sichuan Province, Ace was awarded the Sichuan Province export product-free inspection and qualification enterprise.
The heavy-duty ace company, which is in the process of modernization, takes the opportunity of the completion of the new factory and the new product offline and the business annual meeting, and adheres to the concept of “customer wealth, distribution development, ace service”, and fully deploys marketing work again. Decompose the production and sales targets, and blew the assembly number of the great development of marketing.

Drawing blueprints with pillar industries

Open the historical perspective, locate the real coordinates, we see a law of benign development of profitable enterprises.

China National Heavy Duty Truck Group has high hopes for the ace company. Ma Chunji said: "The ace company has joined China National Heavy Duty Truck for three years, and it has an unusual meaning for both the Western Development Strategy and the expansion of China National Heavy Duty Truck Industry Chain." And the handwritten book - "Build a hundred years of heavy trucks, create a world trump card."

Accompanied by the country's comprehensive